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Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties Now Available
Posted by Myll_Erik on Monday 29th October 2007

1.05 Patch Released
Posted by Myll_Erik on Wednesday 1st March 2006

The Myll AoE3 Rating Script!
Posted by Myll_Erik on Saturday 21st January 2006

~GreekMythology and Bellerophon~
Posted by Myll_Erik on Thursday 19th January 2006
Just thought I would get the newest Myll members a turn on the front page. Again, welcome to Myll guys!

Patch 1.04!!
Posted by Myll_Erik on Thursday 19th January 2006
Just wanted to let you all know that patch 1.04 is live. Be sure to update your game to get all the latest stability fixes. Also of intrest, if you have any thirdy party UI's or anything of the sory you will need to unistall them in order to play.

"New Age" Tournament
Posted by Myll_Erik on Tuesday 13th December 2005
Age Sanctuary is hosting our first AOE3 Tourney.

It's probably too quick to make it happen before christmas so I'm thinking of starting it the evening of Friday January 6th. I'm not sure how long I'm going to give to play the games but I'm definatly not going to let it drag on for weeks and weeks. It will depend on your suggestions and how many people sign up.

So far we have about $500 in prize money which may change. I'm not sure how it will be distributed but most of it will go to the winner with some for second, third and maybe a most unusual strat prize.

Also important... We (myself and the other AS staff will be selecting new AOE3 expert staff based partially on the results of the tourney). As we definatly dont want 20 experts who all play french or otto, we will likley be selecting some of the experts from players who use other civs. For example the person in tenth place may not get a spot if he or she played french but the person in 15th may if they were the highest ranked english player for example.

Finally, for now at least, the tourney is open to everybody. We will however use our best judgment in narrowing the group if we have too many applicants.....


Best 2/3 games with best 3/5 for finals.

To sign up for the tourney - Go Here

Patch for AOE3
Posted by Myll_Erik on Monday 5th December 2005
ES released a patch to fix some of the online problems as well as some client fixes. To get the updtae, on the game's main menu click help and tools, then update game. A full list of the fixes can be found here. Read about the patch!

Slaghter and Pontiac
Posted by Myll_Erik on Friday 18th November 2005
Well - with the addition of Pontiac and since Sven finally has the game - Myll is ready to start living up to our name sake.

Myll Wyll Kyll

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